Month: January 2024

Navigating Growth, Fear, and Humility in HR: Adam

Navigating Growth, Fear, and Humility in HR: Adam

What happens when you choose to face your fears and be vulnerable at the work? This episode of True Stories at Work shares how well these tactics worked for Adam, as he moved from a $10/hr contractor to running global programs in the London headquarters of a multinational insurance company within 8 years! Adam shares the importance of honest communication, sharing your half-baked ideas, and taking risks at work.

We discuss vulnerability, mentorship, radical candor and managing your fear at work. Adam shares his journey of falling-out of a PhD program and into human resources. You’ll hear great stories of humility, risk-taking, continuous learning, and the importance of open communication. The Workplace Confession is from a coworker of Michelle’s who used his knowledge from a sexual harassment training to avoid her investigation!

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00:01 Introduction

01:22 Adam’s Story

16:05 Stories at Work

33:09 Workplace Confession

38:50 Haiku for Adam

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Haiku for Adam

Adam knows that growth…

Comes with fear, risk and sharing…

Uncomfortable truths.


Host: Michelle Aronson

Editor: Bella Hutchins