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HR is Artistic: Lauren

HR is Artistic: Lauren

Have you ever had to handle a rift in your department?

In this True Stories at Work episode you get to meet Lauren, who hit “all the desks” in HR to grow her expertise… but nothing prepared her for the mistake of rehiring a former employee, creating a “scorched earth” moment and a lot of leadership growth. We also talk about boundaries, and how you we keep them with our teams and employees.

Lauren shared so many stories that I had to split her stories across 2 episodes. In this episode, you’ll learn about Lauren’s background and how her career aspirations to be creative are fulfilled by working in HR.  ”HR is artistic because you have to literally be able to handle things at the drop of a hat unique situations.”

For the Workplace Confession, you will hear a story from a former coworker, who wants to share some stories that still make him laugh and cringe from working with me. This one is from a leadership coaching conversation where he gets distracted by a squirrel… and I pulled the coaching recording to find out how that squirrel entered our coaching session.

Additional research on topics discussed in this episode:

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Words Matter, How Someone Leaves Feeling Matters… So Sweat Those Details: Kelly

Words Matter, How Someone Leaves Feeling Matters… So Sweat Those Details: Kelly

Today you get to meet Kelly, who emphasizes the importance of kindness in Human Resources and the fragility of company culture. Her stories demonstrate how Human Resources can be the crisis hotline for leaders. The first call they place when they don’t know how to handle a challenging situation. We discuss the everyday decisions that leaders make that shape culture, and how much communication (and words) matter at work. You’ll hear stories of Phantom Crappers where poop rolls down hill and into HR, a passive aggressive behavior which could be improved with better leadership.

At the end, you get to hear a workplace confession, this one offers a compelling reason not to eat the candy from your coworkers candy dish.

Curious how to increase kindness in your workplace? Here are some links to get started:

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Kindness at Work

Corporate Culture is Everyone’s Responsibility

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Poop at work is an

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Vulnerability Improves Leadership: Cynthia

Vulnerability Improves Leadership: Cynthia

Cynthia is a preacher’s kid, a performer and a Human Resources professional with more than 15 years of experience including employee relations, leadership development and diversity + inclusion.

Cynthia has witnessed the worst of people at work, yet remains hopeful “I really like people, so I’m always looking for the best in people, but I have like built a lot of cynicism in, people, but I, I feel like I’ve ebbed and flowed and I’ve finally come back to, having more faith in people…..  so, you know, I’ve learned that people suck, but I also think that there’s hope for them.”

On today’s show you will learn about Cynthia’s journey into HR. We talk about vulnerability + how making and owning your mistakes will make you more respected by your team, and not less. You’ll hear a story about a CEO at a start-up who screwed up, owned up, and then you’ll learn how it all ended up.

At the end, you get to hear a workplace confession, something that happened at work that never made it through the doors of HR. This one might give you pause before you grab for that next pot of office coffee.

Curious about vulnerability + authenticity at work, here are some great places to start:

Brenee Brown, The Power of Vulnerability

Everything on Brenee Brown’s website

Herminia Ibarra, The Authenticity Paradox

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Haiku for Cynthia

Cynthia knows that

Vulnerability does

Improve leadership.