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Accidentally HR: From Car Sales to the C-Suite: Keri-Lynne

Accidentally HR: From Car Sales to the C-Suite: Keri-Lynne

In this episode of ‘True Stories at Work,’ Michelle Aronson interviews Keri-Lynne (KL), a seasoned HR professional who transitioned from sales and marketing to human resources by accident. KL shares her unique journey from selling cars to becoming a Chief People Officer, highlighting the importance of career ownership, empathy in leadership, and navigating challenges during the pandemic. She also discusses her experiences with global HR projects and the critical role of culture in organizations. The episode concludes with KL’s perspectives on career growth, a listener’s workplace confession, and advice for taking charge of one’s career.


Accidentally HR: From Car Sales to the C-Suite: Keri-Lynne

00:00 Introduction

02:39 About KL

12:34 Stories at Work

30:59 Workplace Confessions

34:16 Haiku for KL


KL’s a baller.

Wants you hustling for big dreams,

you’re the shot caller.



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About our guest: Keri-Lynne Shaw is a Fractional Chief People Officer who started in the trenches and learning the hard way, KL has mastered the nuances of compensation dynamics and is dedicated to empowering people to recognize their market and negotiate with intent.

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