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Paycheck Power Plays: From Commissions to Corporate Jets

Paycheck Power Plays: From Commissions to Corporate Jets

This episode of True Stories at Work features a conversation with Caroline, an executive recruiter who began her career in the tumultuous year of 2010, navigating the challenges of the recession-hit job market.

Hosted by Michelle Aronson, a recovering HR executive and certified coach, this podcast dives into the human aspects of working in HR and recruitment, sharing anecdotes ranging from dealing with dress code violations to the intricacies of negotiating job offers, including unusual perks like private jets.

Caroline’s story transitions from her unexpected start in recruiting to her role in executive search, highlighting the evolving dynamics in recruitment, the importance of feedback, and practical advice for job seekers on negotiations.

The discussion also touches on the profound impact HR professionals can have on individuals’ lives, the changing power dynamics between employers and candidates, and the need for companies to adapt their recruitment strategies.

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24:39 Haiku for Caroline


Haiku for Caroline

Caroline asks for…

the benefits and money…

and the private jet.


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