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From HR Challenges to AI Opportunities: Karen

From HR Challenges to AI Opportunities: Karen

How does an HR professional build a connected, inclusive, and tech-forward culture? Find out in our latest podcast episode with Karen, who considers herself an accidental tourist in HR! #HRLeadership #InclusiveWorkplace #Podcast

In this episode, Karen shares her experience crafting a culture to support high-growth companies. She discusses the importance of creating an inclusive culture and how to align the executive team and care for the HR team. We discuss how to keep culture (and humans) in focus as you implement technology for your HR practices. Karen shares that “employees want to know that tomorrow will be better than today and that they have a say in it.”

00:00 Introduction

01:55 Karen’s Story

05:45 Stories at Work

32:02 Workplace Confession

37:29 Haiku for Karen


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Haiku for Karen

Karen understands…

Connection is essential

in work and in life.


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