Vulnerability Improves Leadership: Cynthia

Vulnerability Improves Leadership: Cynthia

Cynthia is a preacher’s kid, a performer and a Human Resources professional with more than 15 years of experience including employee relations, leadership development and diversity + inclusion.

Cynthia has witnessed the worst of people at work, yet remains hopeful “I really like people, so I’m always looking for the best in people, but I have like built a lot of cynicism in, people, but I, I feel like I’ve ebbed and flowed and I’ve finally come back to, having more faith in people…..  so, you know, I’ve learned that people suck, but I also think that there’s hope for them.”

On today’s show you will learn about Cynthia’s journey into HR. We talk about vulnerability + how making and owning your mistakes will make you more respected by your team, and not less. You’ll hear a story about a CEO at a start-up who screwed up, owned up, and then you’ll learn how it all ended up.

At the end, you get to hear a workplace confession, something that happened at work that never made it through the doors of HR. This one might give you pause before you grab for that next pot of office coffee.

Curious about vulnerability + authenticity at work, here are some great places to start:

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Haiku for Cynthia

Cynthia knows that

Vulnerability does

Improve leadership.

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