HR and Culture Shock, From the US to the UK: Dina

HR and Culture Shock, From the US to the UK: Dina

Did you ever think it would be easy to work in England, because you already speak the language?  Well tune into this episode of ‘True Stories at Work’ to meet Dina, an executive coach and former HR professional, shares her experiences working in human resources across different cultures and the unique challenges that come with it. She shares challenges with the English language and culture while working in the UK, New York City and Texas. You’ll learn why she quit a job to save herself from a bad boss. And how she stays adaptable, resilient, and trusts herself to always move toward a better version of herself. We wrap it up with a workplace confession involving a playful prank in the parking lot involving a squirty wiper washer and a boss.

0:00 HR and Culture Shock, From the US to the UK: Dina
02:21 Dina’s Story
06:54 Stories at Work
30:15 Workplace Confession
33:24 Haiku for Dina


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