Rules and HR… To Bend or Not To Bend: Nicole

Rules and HR… To Bend or Not To Bend: Nicole

Did you know that HR professionals are the true crime detectives of the corporate world? From solving the case of the mysterious naughty photographs to catching protesting poopers, this True Stories at Work episode features jaw-dropping stories from Nicole as she shares her most memorable investigations and leaves no case unsolved.

Learn how Nicole landed her first HR job (as a director) without even applying. Gain insight into the unpredictable and often strange investigative work that HR conducts. Reflect on when it might be the right choice to bend or break the rules for the greater good.

00:00 Introduction
01:58 Stories at Work
10:16 Nicole’s Story
16:02 More Stories at Work
30:24 Haiku for Nicole


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Host: Michelle Aronson

Editor: Bella Hutchins


Haiku for Nicole

Nicole proudly solves,

workplace mysteries with a

bit of rule bending

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